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Third Street Aleworks


Third Street AleworksAt Third Street Aleworks they balance tradition with experimentation. They gravitate towards “Anglo-Celtic” style ales and more aggressive “West Coast” style ales, but they also brew some tasty lagers, lager-ale hybrids, and many other beers that don’t neatly fit into any particular category. They keep an open-minded approach to the art of brewing. They love their traditional cask-conditioned ales, and standards (like our Bodega Head IPA and 4 X G.A.B.F. gold medal winning Blarney Sisters’ Dry Irish Stout) but they don’t limit themselves to traditional beer styles or a typical fixed “flagship” beer list. From year to year and season to season, their beer roster is constantly changing. To them, the whole point of being a small independent brewery is that they have the ability to mix it up and keep it fresh!


Third Street Aleworks
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